Section 1 (20 Points): Summary of the sustainability leader’s current and previous positions and career highlights.
Based on your research/sources, write a description of your leader’s career highlights and current position. Length and depth guideline is 3-4 well developed paragraphs. Include citations where necessary (see APA Resources Module).
Section 2 (30 Points): Summary of the leader’s traits, behaviors and style.
Using examples from your background sources and articles, and theories and models from your text, describe and analyze your leader. What leadership characteristics and style does your leader demonstrate? This section should also be 4-6 well developed paragraphs. Be sure to use at least 2 different theories/frameworks drawn from chapters 5,6,8,9 or 10 of your text in this section. Include citations where necessary.
Section 3 (30 Points): Summary of the organizational circumstances that led this leader to be a sustainability leader.
Compile a timeline of the organizational circumstances that led to your leader becoming passionate about sustainability. Try not to quote the actual articles but paraphrase in your own words what the dynamics of the situation were. Be sure to include enough description so that the organizational stakeholders, context and your leader’s actions are well described. This section can either be a bulleted list of events or in paragraph form. Length and depth guideline is 2-3 well developed paragraphs or 6-9 bullet points. Include citations where necessary.
Your paper should be single-spaced with 8 pt spacing between paragraphs, 1-inch margins, 12 pitch Times New Roman Font. In addition, the paper should have a beginning cover sheet ending bibliography. The reference page and in-paper citations should be in APA 7th edition format. See the Assignment Link in Canvas for full instructions.
Use at least 10 references with citations, 5 of which must be references other than web pages. Also make sure that every citation in your references are cited in the body of your paper. Multiple citations from the same website only count as one citation toward the 10 reference requirement. See the Assignments course link for the due date.
Ms.Michelle Shea is the lead Management Librarian and she is available to assist you. To schedule an appointment with her, link to Scheduling an appointment with Ms. Shea (https://tamuct.libguides.com/prf.php?account_id=182411 Links to an external site.Links to an external site.) She is Canvas proficient and can meet with you via chat, web-conferencing, in-person or phone.
Grading Criteria within each Section:

  1. Fully proofread and clear writing
  2. Full application of text frameworks used
  3. Insightful and accurate analysis
  4. Proper citations with strong sources given where necessary, citations and reference list all in APA format.
    • Citations within paper and reference list at end of paper must be in APA format.
    • Follow APA 7th Edition format with a few exceptions:
    o Title your paper with .doc name: last name MGMT 425_leader last name.
    o Insert a running footer with page number and your last name.
    o Double space between sections and paragraphs. Single space with 8point spacing between paragraphs.
    o Clearly label each section and subsection.

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