Late Ice Age archaeological Dites

Discussion 4

Step 1. Read Introduction

In Chapter 10 this week you learned about how humans interacted with each other and moved across the geographic world landscape during the last Ice age (50,000-15,000 years ago). In Chapter 11, you reviewed the global transition to a farming lifestyle.

Step 2. Answer these questions in your own words

In your own words, answer the following questions using two or three examples of late Ice Age archaeological sites (Ch. 10) that support your statements:

  • How did they survive, or find food, shelter and water?
  • Do we know any details about society, religion, or culture during this time period?

Next, briefly discuss the transition from hunting and gathering to farming (Ch. 11).

  • Are any locations better suited than others to support this change in food production?
  • What is the timeline for this transition, and what were the consequences of food production for human life?
  • Give one example of an early farming site from the readings or this week’s film that allowed archaeologists to understand the changes in lifestyles associated with farming.


Fagan & Durrani, 2021. Ancient Lives: An Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory, 7h ed. Taylor and Francis.

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