Late Adulthood Interview Assignment

The Late Adulthood Interview assignment aims to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the period of life known as Late Adulthood.  It requires the student to interview an elderly adult, 75 years of age or older.  The questions are provided for you in this packet.  You will ask them of your interview subject and accurately record his or her answers. Subsequently, you will complete a summary section. In the summary, you will draw conclusions by linking your subject’s answers to concepts found in chapters 23, 24, and 25 of your textbook. You will support your conclusions with examples from the interview, referring to the question number and quoting the subject’s comments.

There is no restriction on who you can interview–the person you interview can be a friend, a neighbor of a family member– as long as they fit the age criteria. You also have the option or making an appointment at an elder care facility to interview one of the residents.

Since your subject will be answering questions, this assignment assumes that he or she is lucid and rules out anyone with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke, or other cognitive degenerative conditions. You do not have to be physically in the presence of the interview subject. Technology today allows us to converse with people across the wide expanses of the world. Furthermore,, your interview does not need to be conducted in English. The only requirement is that you later translate it into English to be graded.

In your finished work, you will submit to the instructor both the interview questions and responses and the conclusive summary of findings. Follow the format provided and use subheadings to distinguish one section of the paper from another.

  • Step 1:Make sure you read Chapters 23, 24, and 25 from your textbook
  • Step 2: Read the entire “Late Adulthood Interview” assignment thoroughly so that if you have questions, you can ask before you begin.
  • Step 3: Determine you are are going to interview (at least 70 years and above)
  • Step 4: Complete Part 1, using “Geriatric Interview Part 1”
  • Step 5: Complete “Geriatric Interview Part 2-1

Here you will write:

  • A minimum two-page typed summary based on the interview responses
    • Your summary will be supported by references from their textbook, chapters 23, 24, and 25
    • Include one text reference for each concept by indicating the page number at the end of the sentence; i.e. (Berger, 407)
    • Follow the summary format.
  • Step 6: Please use grading rubric to make sure you have everything.
    Step 7: Remember to submit (attach) both Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Always remember to include in-text citations or text reference in your paper as well as reference page at the end. Follow APA FORMAT.

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