Land Law Case

Module: Land Law

Citation Style: OSCOLA



Alan was the registered owner of a freehold property, Blacknights Farm, which comprises a farmhouse and several fields.  He lived there with his partner Nina who had contributed to the purchase price.

Ian has just bought the property from Alan. He discovers that

  • Stella is growing wheat on one of his fields and refuses to abandon it.  She says that last year Alan orally agreed that she could rent White Field for three years for an annual rent of £1,000, and she had already paid for this year.
  • David has been using a shortcut across another of the fields.  He says that Alan granted him, by deed, the right to use a shortcut across that field to access the road from his house.
  • A neighbour, Rosemary, tells Ian that Alan agreed to give her the right to purchase Blacknights Farm anytime over the next decade.  She has been saving up for years to do this and was on the point of approaching Alan when she discovered he had sold it to Ian.
  • Nina, who was abroad at the time of the sale, has just returned to ‘claim her share’ of the purchase price.

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