Knowledge of the Health Care Environment

 Use data and other sources of evidence to inform decision making
 Use evidence for establishment of standards, practices and patient care models in the organization
 Design feedback mechanisms by which to adapt practice based upon outcomes from current processes
 Design and interpret outcome measures
 Disseminate research findings to patient care team members
 Allocate nursing resources based on measurement of patient acuity/care needed
 Monitor and address nurse sensitive outcomes and satisfaction indicators

 Support the development of an organization-wide patient safety program
 Use knowledge of patient safety science (e.g., human factors, complex adaptive systems, LEAN and Six Sigma)
 Monitor clinical activities to identify both expected and unexpected risks
 Support a Just Culture (non-punitive) reporting environment, supporting a reward system for identifying unsafe practices
 Support safety surveys, responding and acting on safety recommendations
 Lead/facilitate performance improvement teams to improve systems/processes that enhance patient safety

 Articulate the organization’s performance improvement program and goals
 Use evidence-based metrics to align patient outcomes with the organization’s goals and objectives
 Apply high reliability concepts for the organization
 Establish quality metrics by
» Identifying the problem/process
» Measuring success at improving specific areas of patient care
» Analyzing the root causes or variation from quality standards
» Improving the process with the evidence
» Controlling solutions and sustaining success

 Identify areas of risk/liability
 Facilitate staff education on risk management and compliance issues
 Develop systems that result in prompt reporting of potential liability by staff at all levels
 Identify early warning predictability indications for errors
 Correct areas of potential liability
 Ensure compliance by staff with all required standards

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