Introduction to Media Studies

  1.  Please give examples of one hard sell ad and one soft-sell ad. Describe why you think your examples meet the criteria for each. (PAGE 110 in Turow).
  2. What advantages does targeting an audience with specific content have for media practitioners? Does that targeting offer any advantages to the audience? If so, what?

Four areas of privacy law are:

  • False light: Material that misrepresents or distorts information that puts someone in a false light (e.g. arrangement of photos that gives a false impression)
  • Appropriation: using someone’s name or likeness in an unauthorized manner for commercial purposes
  • Public disclosure: publication of private facts about someone that are not of public concern
  • Intrusion: physical or non-physical invasion into a person’s solitude, private area, or affairs

Please give an example of EACH and elaborate on why you think it fits this category.

  • Name and explain 3 examples of EITHER the government regulating media or media self-regulating.
  • Discuss how selectability, accountability, and interactivity relate to a media company’s need to attract advertisers. Consider what a television network would have to provide in terms of selectability, accountability, and interactivity for and about their audience in order to appeal to advertisers (PAGES 161-163)

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