Initiating and Project Charter in Aviation Industry

Initiating & the Project Charter
The focus of this discussion assignment is the Project Charter created in the Initiating Phase. A charter is like a Project Initiation Document (PID) but in more detail and normally used by large corporations and complex projects, as found in the aviation/aerospace industry. Review the below video. Then, conduct your own research of scholastic sources, formulate your analysis and ideas, and develop a discussion post that provides your assessment of the value of a Project Charter to the Initiating Phase/Process Group.
NOTE: Don’t just simply provide definitions and information already covered and provided to you within this module – your classmates have access to the same information. Imagine you are in class together; would you turn to your classmate and tell them what has already been said in class about the Project Charter? Rather, provide your ideas, critical thinking, and analysis. Think of it as knowing you will be called on in an actual classroom for your thoughts and ideas.

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