Informative Speech Planning

Great presentations require planning, preparation, and practice. This assignment will guide you through a few considerations for your upcoming presentation. Please respond to the 10 questions below AND complete the delivery plan. When both pages are complete, save the file and upload to the 2.6 Assignment: Speech Plan submission area.

Please use full sentences and not merely yes or no responses to answer the following questions with substantive detail:

  1. Have you finalized your informative speech outline? If not, when will it be finalized? What elements still need to be completed, if any?

  2. Do you have enough information in the speech for a 4-7 minute presentation? How do you know?

  3. List the two sources you’ve selected for your speech here. (Remember to list them using APA format.)

  4. Have you included at least two quotes (or citations) from your sources within the speech? (List them here written out as you plan to deliver them verbally.)

  5. This assignment requires at least one visual aid to be used during the presentation. What visual aid do you plan to use for this presentation?

  6. What challenges could you encounter with this presentation? Describe them along with measures you will implement to try to reduce the likelihood that they will occur.

  7. How many times do you plan to practice your presentation prior to delivering it? Describe your practice sessions.

  8. You are required to dress professionally for this presentation – describe the professional attire you have planned?
  • Do you understand that you’ll need to prepare the background of the video (turn off TV/music, have appropriate lighting, clear the distractions in the background, and set the scene where you plan to record)? Describe your environment/setting.
  1. Describe your body positioning within the camera frame. How will audience members be able to see your facial expressions, eye contact and gestures?

Delivery Plan

Select one option for delivering the presentation and respond to the appropriate set of questions below.

Text Box: Option 1:
Record/upload your speech to the course site.
Text Box: Option 2:
Meet your instructor live through Zoom to deliver the presentation.


If you selected OPTION 1: Record/Upload your speech through the course site, respond to these questions.

  1. What equipment will you be using to record your presentation? (Examples: iPad, webcam on laptop, webcam on desktop, webcam, ECPI campus webcam, smart phone, tablet, etc.) 
  • You will need to place the recording device on something stable, secure it and back away from the camera so the instructor can see and hear your speech. Describe your equipment set up.
  • Do you understand that you’ll submit the speech recording to the Week 4 Course Project Part 3 dropbox for grading? Have you reviewed the Speech Delivery Upload Instructions listed in the 4.4 Assignment – Informative Speech Presentation?

If you selected OPTION 2: Meet your instructor live to deliver the presentation, respond to these questions.

  1. Please list two dates and times during week 4 that you are available to meet the instructor.

  2. Do you have access to a webcam, smart phone, iPad or tablet with a webcam for delivering the speech?

  3. You will need to place your equipment on something stable, secure it and back away from the camera so the instructor can see and hear your speech. Describe your equipment set up.

  4. Have you participated in an University course Zoom session previously? If not, do you understand that you’ll need to enter Zoom prior to your speech to get logged in appropriately? Describe your familiarity with Zoom.

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