Informative Speech

DIRECTION: Students should list their choice of ONE topic for an informative speech. Students should also cite THREE peer reviewed journals that they hope to include in their research for the topic.
Assignment: Written Assignments, 50 points
• Topic: The topic has to be directly related to Interpersonal Communication
It is Something You Know About or Are Interested in Learning About. …
It is a Topic People Care About. …
It Is NOT Overdone. …
Students are NOT allowed to discuss: Religion, Abortion, Gun Laws, Politics, or Biographies
(All of these topics are overly done)
Students are allowed to discuss: Diseases & Disorders (that directly affect communication), Relationships, Generations, & Conflict Management
• General Purpose: Motivate/Persuade, Inform, or Entertain
• Specific Purpose: What the speaker plans to accomplish (first part of listener relevance)
• Central Idea: The central idea (sometimes called the thesis) states in one sentence what the speech is about. You can use your specific-purpose statement to help you write your central idea. The central idea will include main points.
• Organizational Pattern: Comparison, Refutation, Cause & Effect, Problem/Solution, or Sequential
• Main Points: THREE areas about the topic you would like to explore
• Explain why classmates should find this topic interesting: Keep in mind your primary audience has college in common.
• Research (be sure to cite the research in APA format): There should be THREE Peer Reviewed articles. Each article should relate to one of your main points. There is a requirement of a minimum of one article per main point. I will accept more, but no less.
Students that fail to find 3 scholarly articles concerning their topics MUST change their topic.
Students that fail to find at least 1 scholarly article per main point MUST change their main point.
Students are REQUIRED to complete this assignment before being allowed to complete the Informative Outline.

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