Individual Professional Practice Document

Week 1: NP Title, Definition, and Consensus Model

Student Name:

APRN Specialty:

If you live on the border of other states in which you plan to practice, or if you already practice in multiple states, it is highly recommended that you complete this information for each state because state regulations vary greatly, and you need to know what each state’s regulations are. This will help you immensely as you approach graduation.

  • State in which you will be practicing as an APRN:
  • State’s definition of Nurse Practitioner:
  • Title/Initials allowed to use according to state regulations:
  • Board of Nursing hyperlink:

Using the APRN Consensus Grid, write a summary of how the state you plan to practice in is meeting the components of the consensus model. Refer to the Nurse Practice Act for details related to the state.

If you live close to the border of another state and plan to practice or already practice in that state, it is strongly recommended that you have a separate document for that state as well. Not all states have the same regulations and requirements.

Week 5: Scope of Practice

Using the interactive map, select the state you expect to practice in as an APRN and then select the link for the state’s Nurse Practice Act. This document is located on each State Board of Nursing website and will identify the regulations for the NP scope of practice for that state.

  1. Please review the Nurse Practice Act and provide a summary of the scope of practice for NPs in the state where you intend to practice.
  2. Please provide the hyperlink used to obtain this information: Using the interactive map, select the state(s) you expect to practice in as an APRN and access the Nurse Practice Act for that state. Review the information related to the state’s physician collaboration/ supervision requirement, if applicable. Do not address prescriptive practices in this assignment. You are addressing the regulations related to practice in the advanced role.
  1. Provide a summary of any restrictions of practice and supervisory/collaborative practice agreements that are required related to the scope of practice.
    1. Provide the hyperlink used to obtain this information.
  2. Identify the Regulatory Agency for NP Practice. See Appendix 3A in the Buppert textbook. Verify this information with your state’s website, including the hyperlink for this information.
  3. Provide information related to qualifications and licensing for APRNs:
    1. Identify the NP qualification requirements (do not address prescriptive authority yet) for the state(s) in which you plan to practice as an APRN. These are accessible by clicking on the interactive U.S. map.
    2. Provide the hyperlink used to obtain this information.
  4. Identify the APRN licensing requirements for the state(s) where you intend to practice.
    1. Provide the hyperlink used to obtain this information.

Week 6: Prescriptive Authority

Please add the following information to the Individualized Professional Practice Document in the Week 6 area. Using the interactive map, select the state(s) where you plan to practice and become familiar with that state’s regulations related to NP prescriptive authority. In some states, prescriptive authority is explained in the BON and the Department of Public Health (DPH) website, so you might have to search the DPH website as well. You will also need to become familiar with the federal DEA regulations for your state to be licensed to prescribed narcotics. This information is found in the interactive map.

  1. What are the prescriptive authority requirements for the state(s) in which you intend to practice?
    1. Is there an MD collaborative or supervisory regulation related to non-controlled substances or controlled substances?
    2. Are there any restrictions for NP prescriptive practice?
  2. Provide the state prescriptive authority regulations hyperlink.
  3. What are the federal DEA requirements?
    1. Are there any MD collaborative/supervisory regulations related to narcotic prescribing?
    2. Are there any restrictions to prescribing narcotics?
    3. Opioid restrictions?
    4. Narcan authority?
    5. Does the state utilize a system-wide drug monitoring program to assist with prevention of over-prescribing?
  4. Provide the federal DEA hyperlink.

Week 10: Networking

  • State/Local ARPN Networking website:
    • Purpose, resources, and fees:
  • Professional APRN Networking website:
    • Purpose, resources, and fees:

Week 12: NPI Number and Certification

  1. Which Board certification you will be taking?
  2. What are the eligibility requirements and what documents do you need to register for the certification exam?
  3. What are the testing parameters: location, paper or computer testing, number of questions, test blueprint?
  4. What is your NPI number?

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