Improving the Study of English

Hiatt, Janet E (09/01/2018). “Improving the Focus of English Learner Professional Development for In-Service Teachers”. NASSP bulletin (0192-6365), 102 (3), 228.
Okhremtchouk, I. S., & Sellu, G. S. (2019). Teacher readiness to work with English language learners: Arizona context. The Teacher Educator, 54(2), 125-144.
Hong, H., Keith, K., & Moran, R. R. (2019). Reflection on and for Actions: Probing into English Language Art Teachers’ Personal and Professional Experiences with English Language Learners. TESL-EJ, 22(4).
Please provide:

  1. What was the study about
  2. What was the population
  3. What was the results
  4. Did the authors discover an element in ELL training that was missing and could be used to improve ELL education?
  5. What was the recommendations

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