Identifying and Navigating Institutional Systems

Interview Instructions

Interview a close member or members of your family about how they identify and navigate institutional systems, such as work, school, church. The premise of these questions is to discover specific experiences and narratives that offers insight on how ideas around identity are formulated. For example, inquire about:

  • Experiences with discrimination at work, school, church
  • Experiences with sexuality, identity formation, unorthodox lifestyle changes
  • An experience where they held biases
  • Experiences feeling excluded
  • How they feel about their own cycle of socialization
  • Was oppression discussed or addressed in the household in any way? If so, what was discussed? If oppression was not addressed, ask them why they believe it was not part of family dialogue?
  • What was said about gender roles in their household?
  • When did they first learn about gender roles?
  • Did they ever feel something wasn’t right but continued to follow the status quo anyway?
  • If they could change any ideology, religious practice, policy, social contracts, etc., what would it be?
  • Were they ever challenged on their beliefs and ideologies? Explain.
  • How do they feel about current civics and government?
  • Students can develop their own questions related to the above examples or they can choose the above multiple questions to conduct an interview.

The interview should be at least 30 minutes. Take thorough notes about questions and responses.

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