Hypothetical Intervention

In the fall you identified a problem, challenge, or concern to study and examined the existing literature that is critical to understanding your chosen area. In the Research Paper you will develop a hypothetical intervention to address/alleviate/mitigate the social problem and propose how you would study it.
The paper should be in Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced.
Your Research Paper should be organized as follows:
• Description of the intervention (4 pages)
o Rationale for the intervention – discuss at least one theory used to create
o Goals of the intervention
o Activities/action steps associated with the intervention (i.e., the actual steps needed to implement this intervention)
o Ethical considerations surrounding the intervention
• Method – Evaluation for the intervention – how will you measure the effectiveness? (2-3 pages)
o Research design for evaluating the intervention
o Instruments used to measure the intervention
o Sampling method
o Data collection procedure/analysis plan
• Critique/Conclusion (1 page)
o What insight do you hope to gain from this intervention?
o What challenges do you anticipate arising from implementing this intervention?
o What will your intervention contribute to micro and/or macro practice?
• References (include from Literature Review paper from SLWK 441 if need be)

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