Home Environmental Health and Safety

Introduction: The link between the environment and health has been well established. Both natural and manmade environments can affect the health of individuals who live in the community. The nurse must be cognizant of the individual’s home environment impact so that preventive and corrective actions can be taken to reduce health risks.

Instructions: Using the Home Environmental Health and Safety Assessment Tool to assess the home of a friend, neighbor, relative, etc.  Do not assess your own home for the purposes of this assignment. Using data collected from your Home Environmental Health and Safety Assessment tool, thoroughly discuss each of the following to complete the worksheet.

Home Environmental Health and Safety
What actual hazards did you find?    
What potential hazards were identified?   
What teaching is needed to address actual hazards?  Discuss the teaching information you would provide to the homeowner. Include evidence-based recommendations.   
What teaching is needed to prevent hazards and enhance the homeowner’s environment safety?  Discuss the information you would provide to the homeowner. Include evidence-based recommendations.   
What referrals are necessary to address with the homeowner regarding actual and/or potential hazards? Discuss any actual and/or potential referrals that might be beneficial to the homeowner that are located within his/her community.    

Worksheet B: Environmental Community Issue

Introduction: Most people assume that water is safe to drink and the air is safe to breathe. By exploring environmental issues, you will understand how simple changes in the environment can impact the health status of individuals and communities. Nurses needs to take a proactive role in identifying and modifying the impact of environmental risks to promote a healthy environment.

Instructions: Continue your exploration of environmental public health at https://ephtracking.cdc.gov/showHome.action Click on items that interest you to review information for better health. Navigate to the “INFO BY LOCATION”. Enter your home county and view the results. Within the following worksheet, discuss your answers. Each response should be 150 words or less.

Environmental Community Issue
Discuss the air quality for your home county.   
Choose an environmental health issue or concern in your community (hazardous waste site, contaminated well water, etc.). Discuss the hazard, including its effect on people and the interventions that could or should take place. 
Discuss the role the community/public health nurse should take in monitoring health, raising awareness, promoting education and advocacy and reducing or eliminating the hazard. 

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