History of Criminal Justice

After reading Chapter 3 Crime and Criminal Justice in early America (1597–1740), select 5 questions of your choice and answer them. Your work should be 2-3 pages in length.

1. Compare and contrast the development of criminal justice procedures in the Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Massachusetts colonies.

2. What influence did religion have on the development of colonial law?

3. How did the emergence of slavery influence criminal justice procedures? Which colonies were most influenced?

4. What impact did the acquittal of John Peter Zenger have on American freedoms?

5. Discuss variations of crime and punishment in the different colonies.

6. Why did colonial punishment become more punitive after 1700? Why was it more relaxed in the earlier period?

7. Describe the various characteristics of America’s developing criminal justice system in the colonial period (i.e., police, courts, and corrections).

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