Healthcare Quality and Process Improvement

Topic = “Process Measures” and decreased emergency department wait times in rural hospitals
Process measures indicate what a provider does to maintain or improve health, either for healthy people or for those diagnosed with a health care condition. These measures typically reflect generally accepted recommendations for clinical practice.

Assignment III- Final Exam Project – 40 points
You are expected to identify a real-life problem from the hospital (topic is above). Describe the steps you would take to improve the opportunity/problem using a quality improvement model (for example: PDSA, DMAIC, PDCA, Six Sigma) discussed in the class. Submit a written report of the project, following the prescribed format below:

a. Name of the problem/opportunity
b. Introduction – the significance of this project
c. Diagnose the problem:
i. Statement of the problem
ii. Tools you would use to improve quality as it is relevant to this problem
d. Best practices that can be implemented
e. How would you measure and analyze results
f. How would you evaluate effectiveness of improvement
g. Conclusion/your comments
h. 12 pages for the text portion, double spaced, 12 font size,
a. Cover page. (not included in page count)
b. Abstract (not included in page count)
c. Body of paper
d. References (not included in page count)
e. (Appendix) Chart, graphs, and illustrations (not included in page count)
i. Charts, graphs, and illustrations are not part of the text page count. (5 pages )
Purpose the assignment: Upon completion of this project, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify issues in the healthcare world, collect and interpret data, and solve those issues
  2. Apply knowledge to solve problems
  3. Write formal quality improvement reports

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