Healthcare Ethics Homework

Assignment one

News Article Contribution

Locate a NEWS article on any issue in health care ethics. The article can be current or from the past; local, national, or international; lengthy or concise. I only ask that you use legitimate news sources, do not post classic “case studies” that have already been widely discussed, or use biased website or journal pieces.  Also, be sure your article is not about the topic of health care ethics, but examines a news report you can apply health care ethics to. Post a link to your article, along with a brief description of its contents and any ethical issues. Look at the articles your classmates have posted; if it’s already in the discussion — you’ll need to pick a new one! Review the posts of your classmates. 

Assignment Two

Insight Questions


Read Ch. 9 on Role Fidelity and review the materials provided there on Professional Boundaries in Nursing. Write one paragraph describing the key ethical issues involved in professional boundaries in health care and why it is important for health care workers to stay within these boundaries. Then create five insightful questions that could open up new ways of thinking about and discussing personal boundary issues for individual health care workers. No need to answer the questions; just create them!

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