Healthcare Ethics and Law – Assessment

LEVEL 9. 15 Credits.

Preparation of a Case Study 1500 words (100%)

This assignment is due [insert date-to be confirmed]

The Good Referencing Guide or Cite it Right should be used for referencing.

Write a Case Study addressing the legal and ethical issues of ONE of the following scenarios that have been discussed in class;

  • Withdrawing nasogastric feeding from a patient at the end of life
  • The role of confidentiality of the patient when the family seek information about the patient.
  • Informed consent of the patient, when the family wish to make decisions for the patient.

You should use module content, such as the Ethical Principles, and refer to legal concepts such as duty of care, confidentiality, autonomy, and informed consent. Your Case Study should also refer to relevant local and national legislation.

You are expected to use at least 5 of the references provided in the Reading List on the module site.

You are also expected to find and use your own references from the library database for the assignment to demonstrate a good understanding of your chosen topic.

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