Health Policy: Advocacy as a Nursing Professional

The purpose of this assignment is to identify a health issue requiring advocacy from the nursing profession on a local, regional, state, national, or international level. This topic can be related to health promotion, population health, disease management, or patient safety in the community or other healthcare setting. You are assuming the role of advocate in various capacities.

In this paper you will identify a health issue which may or may not already be represented in the form of legislation or health policy. Individuals may just take a position on an issue affecting local policy with decision makers.

An example of this with legislation includes:

• Health issue: primary care access for patients

• Health policy: increasing primary care providers using nurse practitioners; support of PA

HB 765 for CRNP independent practice

An example of this without legislation includes:

• Health issue: increased chronic back pain from integration of technology in healthcare

• Health policy: ergonomic evaluation of work environments for all employees; letter of

support to employers for new healthcare organization policy

Criteria for Your Advocacy as a Nursing Professional


Outline of health issue and existing or necessary health policy and/or politics. Why is this significant to nursing?

List and discuss any other stake holders who would be concerned with the health issue, in favor or opposition.

Propose a plan on this health issue advocacy:

• Effect of the health issue on health policy and politics

• Interventions to be implemented in this advocacy to enact change; incorporate health politics as pertinent

• Identify opposition which can be encountered.


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