Group Proposal Assignment

Using the group proposal outline below, please prepare a proposal for a group you could do at your agency or at another time in the future. You may use an idea for a group that you could do in your field placement (one that you are already facilitating, or one that you envision would be an appropriate group for the agency’s clientele), or a group that you would like to facilitate in your future professional career.

Write this proposal as if you were preparing to submit it to your agency supervisor or director for approval. Use the group proposal outline to structure your paper, each item under the appropriate headings. Papers without headings will not be accepted. Include an introduction and conclusion that discusses the reason for your interest in your specific group and next steps in operationalizing your group. The suggested length is 5–7 pages (this may vary with the group). Type, double spaced, and use APA style for citations and references.

Proposed Group: 12-person group for intensive outpatient treatment program for Substance Abuse with WTCSB; Agency:…

Western Tidewater CSB is a substance abuse treatment provider located in SuffolkVA (Suffolk City County). They also provide treatment for non-substance related addiction disorder, Agency services homeless, low-income, and many more


  1. Introduction and conclusion (5 points)
  2. Completion of all sections of the assessment guide as follows, with appropriate use of course concepts, demonstration of analytic ability, and rationale for decision-making where indicated
    1. Abstract (5 points)
    1. Agency Sponsorship (5 points)
    1. Purpose (15 points)
    1. Composition (15 points)
    1. Recruitment (10 points)
    1. Orientation of Members (10 points)
    1. Contract (20 points)
    1. Environment (10 points)

Scholarly writing with logical organization, clarity in sentence structure, and use of accurate and precise language, correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and use of APA format (5 points)

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