Greek Organizations and Rituals of Hazing.

Assignment: Write a research paper about a problem you believe exists in society today. For this paper, you will synthesize your understanding of effective writing. As you discuss your topic, you will need to:
○ decide how to present a voice appropriate for your audience
○ utilize elements of expressive writing (including the use of personal pronouns and emotional reactions)
○ analyze information (including an examination of how the information you research relates to the whole of the issue you’re studying)
○ and craft rhetoric (including a thoughtful use of the elements of rhetoric you feel would most effectively communicate your point)
The essay must demonstrate critical thinking and be written coherently, observing grammatical, mechanical, and stylistic conventions.

Topic: Greek organizations and rituals of hazing. Statistics of death or injury due to Hazing.

Discuss the problem in detail (2-3 paragraphs). Research might include anecdotal evidence, qualitative case studies about how the issue affects people, the environment, animals, etc. and statistics about the severity of the issue and why we should care about this problem as a human race or in college.
Examine the causes of the problems (2-3 paragraphs). Discussion of the causes that have led to the issue existing.
Works Cited Page and Sources:
Not only will you need to use correctly formatted MLA parenthetical documentation, you will also need to create a works cited page correctly citing all sources used in the paper. This paper should include proper and appropriate research. A minimum of FIVE sources are required for this paper. Also, please do NOT use Wikipedia and Google! Again, a works cited page must be included using the MLA format as a guide.
Plagiarism will result in the failure of this project and possible failure of the course.
Purpose: Synthesis of all the skills we’ve studied: Expressive, Referential Interpretive, Rhetoric, Analysis – There needs to be a thesis statement making the claim that your chosen topic is indeed a problem faced by our society.
Pattern: Evaluation

Works Cited Page required Double spaced
Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri 12 point Font
Be sure you have correctly formatted your paper using the Easy Writer Handbook 7th ed. (sections 15c and 15f)

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