GMO Products: GM Apple

The class-wide discussion area is based on this CBC News article. ( Read this article and watch the GMO Video

A small amount of sliced genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered)( non-browning apples have been sold in Canada through an unnamed food service outlet. The GM apple is currently only sold in slices. Market Status Update – For Growers: GM Apples and Apple Trees in Canada.( July 2020

Okanagan Speciality Fruit (OSF) announce new  products for 2021 read about it here (

Now, answer the questions below in the discussion board and post your opinions and thoughts on the subject.

Discussion Questions:

  • The arctic apple is on sale in the U.S and Canada… what do you think? Will you buy it?  How would it be useful in the hospitality industry? 
  • “Really the issue is not so much about the apple itself, the question is whether the public will buy something that is a GMO. Will the public happily buy into a GMO product?” (Kehler, 2017)

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