Global Marketing Strategies

Assessment 1: Individual Coursework (40%) Theme: Global Marketing Environment Analysis
The assignment is set out to examine students’ critical understanding of the factors within the global environment that drive or support multinational companies’ global marketing expansion alongside the presenting challenges that sometimes limit multi-national global marketing operations. When analyzing selected environmental; factors you must link with relevant theory or concepts in the literature and explain the importance of the factors.

Note: this coursework should be written in a report format. Task:
As a student of Global Marketing Strategy, you are keen to understand the factors within the global environment that seem to have driven or supported the multinational companies global marketing operations. In addition, you are expected to identify negative or deterring factors that could adversely affect international market expansion.

You decided to use one of the selected companies in the Table below as your case study to identify and critically analyze country factors relevant to global marketing strategy that seem to have positively increased the focal firm’s global market presence and equally factors that have appeared to negatively affected same global company market expansion.
Specific Instructions:
Identify a Global Company as a case study:
The following multinational companies below are generally considered global marketing firms. Your role is to SELECT ONE of these global firms as a case study to examine the macro and/or micro environmental factors that have significantly contributed to its global marketing success story. Importantly, read CW2 brief before selecting a company as you are expected to use the same company for both CW1&2
List of companies:
Tik Tok




You can focus a specific product brand or use the parent brand label P&G



Global Marketing Environment Positive Factors:
Student should IDENTIFY AND ANALYSE TWO CRITICAL FACTORS specifically within the MACRO and/or MICRO ENVIRONMENTS that have contributed to the success of your selected company global marketing operations. You should go beyond an international marketing mind-set, but rather examine such factors using a global perspective. That is, your thinking should cover insight on how the identified environmental or market factors has supported the global expansion of selected company. A critical understanding and application of the factors identified are essential in this assignment.

You are NOT required to focus on the company’s international marketing strategies but EXTERNAL factors to the company.

Note: your lectures and seminar will shed more insight of global market environment analysis that you should consult as a starting point/guide for a critical analysis.

In addition, you are required to identify and discuss a real case of a potential challenge to your company global expansion. In this section, student should critically discuss ONLY ONE factor within the macro or micro environment that is currently presenting either as a problem or a challenge to your selected company global expansion.

In this section, student should provide an overview of key findings and evaluate succinctly the impact the factors have on your company’s global marketing operations.

WORD LIMIT: 1000 words (+/-)10%

Note, the report itself should focus on the critical points – be selective and precise. Write the report with only the most important information.

Style & Structure guidelines:
 Use a Business Report format (as outlined above).
 The report should be single spaced, using font Arial 12 and justify text alignment
 Ensure there are 2cm margins (top, bottom and sides).
 Take care to structure the report. Pay particular attention to the page limits given for each section above.
 Be sure to use informative headings and sub-headings to help guide your reader throughout the report.
 Ensure all sections are completed as marks will be lost if you do not include a specified analysis.
 Ensure the report is professionally presented, well written and free of errors (proof- read prior to submission).
 Support your work with references and follow the Harvard Cite Them Right Referencing Style (

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