Competency Development: Global and Cultural Effectiveness

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your HR global competence by analyzing a global case. Leverage your learnings from Module 3 in particular, as well as other modules that are relevant to your analysis.


Best Buy (BBY) made North America the geographical focus of its international expansion, as it discontinued operations in China, UK and Europe. The retailer planned to continue store remodels in Canada, and open new stores in Mexico as part of the new North American growth plan. By exiting geographically distant markets in Europe and Asia, BBY stood to benefit from its regional geographic strategy by reducing its internationalization risks. As BBY’s (global) CHRO, answer the following questions:

  1. What current trends and/or events (besides those mentioned at the outset of Chapter 15) could impact BBY’s decision?
  2. What cultural factors or challenges would you pay special attention to in designing HR programs and initiatives for local employees in Canada and Mexico (discuss one challenge for each country), and why? 
  3. BBY wants to recruit United States-born and based employees to help set-up operations in Mexico and Canada. What considerations would you make when selecting managers to work internationally? Any similarities or differences between recruitment and selection of employees going to Mexico versus Canada? 
  4. BBY has about 10 managers who will transfer from the Asia market to Mexico. Based on Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, what are three of the biggest differences employees could experience? What role should HR play in setting the managers up for success? 


  • APA, include a title page, but not an abstract
  • No more than 1,000 words (5 pages) excluding references & title page
  • Prioritize using class materials when answering the questions. You do not need to use outside sources to support your answers.

Needed reference

  1. Noe, R., Hollenbeck, J., Gerhart, B., and Wright, P. (2021) Chapter 15

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