General Patton a Successful Leade

The leadership paper should be no longer than 7 pages, double-spaced, APA 7th edition format. You should have a title page, some pages of body content, and the last page should be your paper’s references page. If you have a title page and references page that leaves you with 5 pages for the body. Be SURE to properly cite your references in your work. Everything should be in proper APA format.

Discuss THREE supervisory techniques, using specific examples from General Pattons life during WWII. Please pick from the following:

  1. Decision-Making
  2. Teamwork
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Adaptability

Make sure to discuss the following topics:

i. Which of the leadership techniques were effective? Why?

ii. Which leadership techniques were not effective? Why?

iv. How does a high-stress environment (Like War) affect leadership techniques, as compared to a less stressful environment.

v. What supervisory trait do you most relate to and why? You should include a personal account from your life. (You can write this as it relates to you. It does not need to relate to me)

vi. Why do leaders fail if they are using a “textbook” technique? There was not text book for WWII, maybe expound on this a bit, and how this made Gen Patton such an influential leader.

Apply these questions and information to the the Life of General George Patton during WWII

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