Gender Stereotypes

Gender is one of the most critical concepts in social psychology. This topic interests me because I would like to understand further the cumulative impacts that gender stereotypes have had on both men and women. In many circumstances, many social scientists focus on researching how gender stereotypes affect women, especially in political and economic aspects of society. The impact of gender stereotypes on women cannot be dismissed. It is also essential to investigate how gender stereotypes influence men’s mental health in contemporary society. I would also want to examine the future of gender stereotypes in society. Are they diminishing, or are they getting reinforced? I am also interested in understanding the intersectionality between gender and other social attributes. I am invested in understanding how religion influences gender stereotypes, primarily because high levels of religiosity are linked to sexist beliefs.

If you have not perused your textbooks from prior courses in a while, it might be helpful to do so for this assignment (as well as throughout this class). For each of the interests you have listed above, identify at least two subfields of psychology that could connect with your chosen interest. This will help as you formulate concrete questions and hypotheses for investigation on the following pages.

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