Framing, Agenda-Setting and Goals

Learning outcomes:
LO3: Analyze how frames are promoted and agendas are set.
LO4: Recommend an agenda to set that will contribute to achieving strategic objectives.

In the casebook in Unit 2, you learned about two communication campaigns: one focused on agenda-setting and the other on framing. Both were successful in their use of those strategies. In this journal, you will reflect on a different campaign, which also attempted to use these strategies, but failed to succeed in its communication goals.

In 2017, the soda brand Pepsi collaborated with model and reality television star Kendall Jenner to produce an advertisement titled “Live for Now.” The ad features Jenner engaging in a street protest and concludes with her offering a Pepsi to the police officers opposing the protest.

The ad was immediately and heavily criticized by many people who felt that it was patronizing to those actively involved in street protesting, and that it made light of serious causes, such as racial discrimination and police violence (Batchelor and Hooten 2017). Another criticism was that the ad was capitalizing off and co-opting the symbols
and imagery of real-life political movements, without offering due respect or acknowledgement (Batchelor and Hooton 2017).

For this journal, you should watch the Live for Now Pepsi ad, and reflect on the following questions.

Question 1

What do you think the goal of this advertising campaign was? Explain your answer. (Max. 100 words)

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Question 2

Does this advert address an agenda-setting issue or a framing issue? Explain your choice. (Max. 150 words)

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Question 3

How would you propose changing this campaign so it sets an agenda that would be more likely to achieve Pepsi’s goals? (Max. 200 words)

This question is presented as an opportunity for you to practice creatively using your strategic mindset in relation to this campaign. You are encouraged to formulate your response through creative thinking or your own independent research.

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Batchelor, Tom, and Hooten, Christopher. “Pepsi Advert with Kendall Jenner Pulled After Huge Backlash.” The Independent, April 5, 2017.

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