Frames and Agendas

Learning outcomes:

LO3: Analyze how frames are promoted and agendas are set.

LO4: Recommend an agenda to set that will contribute to achieving strategic objectives.


1.    There are 7 pages and 3 questions in this assignment.

2.    Make sure that you have carefully read and fully understood the questions before answering them. Answer the questions fully but concisely and as directly as possible. Follow all specific instructions for individual questions (e.g., “list,” “in point form”).

3.    Answer all questions in your own words. Do not copy any text from the notes, readings or other sources. The assignment must be your own work only.

Question 1

Is your issue on the agenda of the audience that has power over you achieving or advancing your goals? Explain why or why not.

In other words, who are the people that need to be aware of your issue, and do those people sufficiently care about it? Explain what it would mean for your audience to “sufficiently” care about your issue. 

(Max. 100 words)

Start writing here:

Question 2

How would your agenda issue be valuable in terms of you achieving your goals?

Your response should explain how your agenda issue would get your audience to act in a valuable way that helps advance or achieve your goals.

(Max. 200 words)

Start writing here:

Question 3

How will you present your agenda to your audience?

Present your answer by responding to the following three questions:

  1. What information will you show to your audience?
  2. What information will you not show to your audience?
  3. How will you persuade your audience of the relative importance of the information you choose to show?

For this final question, consider how you can present your agenda topic so that the audience feels an urgency to act, or that the agenda topic relates to their own goals in some way. (Max. 300 words)

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