Final Report on Strategic Analysis of Aerofarms

Throughout the course we will discuss many aspects of strategic analysis. For your final paper you will apply these principles by conducting your own analysis on the company assigned to you.  You will analyze the business environment, the firm and its competitors ultimately culminating in a series of strategic recommendations. 

Scope: 9-12 pages double line spaced (excl. front page, table of contents, reference list and (if any) appendices), 12 point font and proper APA formatting (both in-text and in a reference list). This includes proper citation of all source materials. There should be no foot notes. Please give your report an informative title, not just the company’s name! Please don’t try to cover all in your strategic recommendations. Find one or more strategies to focus on – and then give argumentation for the choice of this/these strategies and give details on how the implementation could be done (according to your insights).   

A typical outline is not limited to, but contains the following:

  1.  Introduction
    1. Short background of the company
    2. Description of businesses/products/services
    3. Current revenue size and financials
    4. Major markets served
    5. Number of employees
    6. Mission and vision of the company
    7. Any other relevant basic information
  2. Analysis of industry
    1. PESTEL
    2. Five forces
    3. Intensity of rivalry and key competitors
    4. Strategic groups
  3. Internal analysis
    1. Mission/vision/values/goals 
    2. Key resources
    3. Core competencies
    4. Sources of competitive advantage
  4. Strategic Recommendations
    1. SWOT analysis
    2. Evaluation of strategies
    3. Value chain improvements
    4. Implementation (initiatives, resources needed etc.)
  5. Concluding remarks

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