Fight-or-flight Response and General Adaptation Syndrome

Describe the fight-or-flight response and general adaptation syndrome.

Points 50

This assignment will focus on the following Lab Assessments for Chapter 11:

  • 11.1–Is Autogenic Training for You?
  • 11.2—Is Imagery for You?
  • 11.3—Is Progressive Relaxation for You?

Locate videos of your choice to practice autogenic training, imagery, and progressive relaxation. After you have practiced the three relaxation techniques, you will be ready to complete the lab assessments from Chapter 11 of the textbook. For each lab assessment, sum the responses for a total score. Keep track of your scores. You will post scores in the assignment.

In 500 words or more (essay format), discuss the following (1) your scores for the three lab assessments and include your scores in a table/chart; (2) compare the relaxation techniques (3) contrast the relaxation techniques (4) describe any recurring thoughts you experienced during the relaxation techniques; (5) explain any difficulties you experienced during the relaxation techniques; (6) discuss the relaxation technique that is more appropriate for you and why; (7) include support statements for your writing from professional journals (Psychology Today; American Journal of Psychology; Yoga Journal, etc.) (8) identify another relaxation technique that is not identified under the lab assessments that you could try. Does the technique work for you? Why or why not? (9) discuss how you will apply your favorite relaxation technique. (10) what did you learn from this assignment

Your paper should be in Microsoft Word, double spaced throughout with 1″ margins on all sides. Use Arial Font, 12, black font. (Microsoft Word allows for the number of words to be checked and if needed, markings on your assignment can be made.)  Avoid simple statements, overuse of words, texting language, and contractions. Work in a 3000-level course must have a professional appearance. You should communicate ideas in an accurate, concise, and grammatically correct manner (be sure you proofread your work). Support your discussion with references and include in-text citations in APA format. Submit the assignment in the assignment folded located in Moodle under Module 5. An email attachment of the assignment will receive a 50% deduction before it is assessed. Any late work will receive a deduction of 10-points each day (including weekends) an assignment is late. Use the rubric as a checklist before submitting assignment. Remove all information/instructions above before submitting work. Remove all instructions before submitting work.

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