Fieled Assignment: ELA Intervention

For the field assignment, you need to complete an intervention with a focus student who has an IEP.  Your intervention should concentrate on improving content knowledge in either ELA or Social Studies, furthering an academic skill within ELA or Social Studies, or fostering greater independence. Engaged Pedagogy should also be central to the intervention as evidenced by incorporating student self-reflection and referring to the texts by hooks and/or Freire.

The field assignment will take the form of a PowerPoint presentation unless otherwise negotiated between us. If you have a creative alternative idea for a presentation (rap song, movie, collage etc. I might consider it).


Explain how your objectives and interventions address the disability in question

Provide evidence to support your claims (student work, quotes from students, video, audio recordings, etc).

Consult the Field Assignment Rubric as you work on this assignment.

Introduction: (5 slides including the intro slide with the title of the assignment, my name, etc.)  Due

• Description of student (age, race, gender, disability, character)

• Why you chose to work with her/him/them?

• Issue you are seeking to address, data that brought this issue to your attention, and why you think that issue is important. Be explicit about your objectives.

Intervention: (approx.. 3 – 5 slides)

• Method(s) you chose to use to reach your objective

• Rationale for choosing the method with this particular student taking into account her/his/their disability designation and the concepts of engaged pedagogy

• How you theorized engaged pedagogy as part of your intervention. Cite hooks and/or Freire (or one of the other authors we read) to point to the aspects of engaged pedagogy that you sought to channel.

• What happened: Use deep description to inform of what happened (quotes from participants if applicable, audio and/or video recordings; student work, rich description). Remember Lofland.

Reflection: (3 – 4 slides)

• Analyze the successes and/or failures of your intervention(s)?

    (Did you achieve your objective and what contributed to that success
or failure?

• You analyzed if engaged pedagogy played the role that you expected it to play in your intervention.

• Could what you learned be scaled up to the entire classroom?

• Did this experience give you any new insight into students with disabilities?


Sociologist John Lofland has suggested that there are four people-oriented mandates in collecting qualitative data.

• First, the qualitative methodologist must get close enough to the people and situation being studied to personally understand in depth the details of what goes on.

• Second, the qualitative methodologist must aim at capturing what actually takes place and what people actually say: the perceived facts.

• Third, qualitative data must include a great deal of pure description of people, activities, interactions, and settings.

• Fourth, qualitative data must include direct quotations from people, both what they speak and what they write down.

Michael Quinn Patton, Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods, (2002) p. 28

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