Facilitators and Barriers of Physical Acitivity

Task #4 Guidelines

  1. For this task you will need to take a brief walk (e.g., ~20 minutes) from your home, workplace, or anyplace you feel comfortable walking. Plan the route and take your walk!
  2. During your walk you’re going to do two things: a.) Complete the PDF (or word version) form labeled “walk audit” on iLearn and, b.) Make observations about features in the built environment that impact physical activity.
  3. Use your observations to write a 1-page analysis of how the facilitators and barriers influence physical activity in the built environment where you walked. Include reference to one of this week’s articles in your analysis.
  4. Combine your word document with the walk audit into one document and upload to the turn-it-in site. You will only be able to upload one document, so make sure that both documents are integrated.

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