Exploring Research in Practice

Programme TitleFdA/BA (Hons) Specialist Hair and Media Makeup
Module TitleExploring Research in Practice
Module Code
Assignment TitleResearch Project
W/C Hand Out Date
Due Date
Feedback Post Date
Essay/Report FormatReport
Assignment Word Count 3000 words
Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assignmentPropose an appropriate research aim and objectives with a justification of the choice of research study.Identify suitable methods for sourcing secondary literature and present the key literature themes and theoretical concepts.Carry out and evaluate a small-scale research project whilst demonstrating ethical practice.Make recommendations for improvements to the research study demonstrating an understanding of the research process.
Submission Formate-SubmissionIndividual


Improve upon your original submission based on the assignment feedback given by your marker.

Produce a 3000- word research project within one of the following subject areas:

  1. Virtual technology and the makeup industry
  2. Marketing and mass media in the makeup industry
  3. The representation of BAME, LGBTQ+ or gender in the performance industry

The research project must include:

  • Research Title
  • Research Aims and objectives
  • Introduction
  • Rationale
  • Approach to Sourcing Secondary Literature
  • Literature Themes and Theory (literature review)
  • Methodology – including justification and design of the research instrument, sampling strategy, ethical considerations and pilot study
  • Presentation and analysis of the primary data with reference to the secondary literature themes and theory
  • Conclusion of the findings
  • Evaluation and recommendations for improvements to the study
  • Literature Matrix (Appendix)


  • Your assignment should employ appropriate UCB academic protocols for a report submission.
  • It is highly recommended that you use the ‘coursework outline document’ to support the development of your assignment as this contains vital information surrounding content and formatting.
  • You are required to obtain ethical clearance for your research and should submit an appropriate request during the module as this is heavily connected to learning outcome three. You will be unable to undertake primary research without this in place.
  • For this coursework assignment, you should work to the guidelines of including one good quality reference per 100 words of the assignment remit word count, so in this instance approximately 30 strong academic sources should be evident in your reference list.
  • Ensure to include a range of sources, such as books, academic journal articles and trade magazines, as this will provide more credible evidence to support your arguments and therefore improve the overall quality of your work.
  • There should be minimal websites used to support this assignment as web-based sources tend to be lower quality and less credible than other academic sources. You can cite these references multiple times throughout the body of text and where possible, cross-reference your sources to provide stronger arguments.
  • Your literature should include two themes and once theory.
  • For additional guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment vodcast available on Canvas.


You will be marked against the following criteria:

  • Research aim, objectives and justification (25%) The quality of your research aim and objectives, contextualisation of the research topic and its relevancy in the current academic climate, rationale to including reasoning and justification of your topic choice, the use of a wide range of academic sources and communication in the academic writing.
  • Methodology (25%) approaches to sourcing secondary literature, literature matrix and the literature review. To include, cross-referencing, critical analysis and the application of a suitable theoretical framework.
  • Completion of a small scale research project (25%) accurate use of research terminology, cross-referencing skills, critical analysis, justification of research design to include, the research instrument, sampling strategy, ethical considerations and pilot study (methodology), presentation of your research findings, data analysis, clear use of charts and graps to represent your data, use of literature to analyse and compare findings, application of theoretical concepts.
  • Recommendations and conclusions (15%) Conclusion of the research process, analysis of the small scale study, reflective practice, supported and insightful recommendations for future study, critical discussion of ways to improve the study, supported with high quality academic source material.
  • Presentation, structure and clarity (10%) Referencing, written communication, assignment format as per the UCB guidelines for a report submission.
  • Your assignment will be graded using the level 5 generic grading criterion, this can be found here: https://portal.ucb.ac.uk/documents/file/1142/level-5-generic-grading-sheet

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