Executive Assistant Assignment


Thank you for participating in our test assignment. Please find further directions below.

We would like for you to work on an assessment assignment consisting of a research paper that should include metrics and create a small video presentation for us to demonstrate your capabilities as a speaker and capacity to present the topic.


We would like you to help us present to an audience in persuasive reasoning behind why Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the concept of a Metaverse will change the following industries and our understanding of the technology behind them, e-commerce, gaming, communications, working from, etc.

Please present some exciting, groundbreaking events with metrics from previous revolutions that help establish our point of what the future of these technologies could offer and will to civilization once implemented to their full intent. Also, indicate the primitive state their adoption currently is compared to other more established technologies that revolutionized the world.


  • Persuasive Presentation utilizing facts and metrics
  • Time Frame: two weeks
  • Setup: MS Word, MS PowerPoint or PDF, and MP4 Video
  • Estimated Time: 1–4 hours.


  1. 3 -4 pages in length
  2. PDF or Power presentation (at least eight slides)
  3. Video 2 – 3 minutes in length


  • Document your written work
  • Powerpoint of your Presentation
  • Video file or Link
  • Include your sources.


  • Include visual representations and graphics in your Presentation
  • Timeline Metrics and Analytics behind Presentation
  • Valid and solid factual information that fortifies your argument
  • Applications, processed listed, and companies leading efforts

Please do your best with the assignment. However, if you cannot complete the assignment, don’t let that discourage you from turning it in. Make sure to submit your work for review.

We can’t wait to see what we can create together! All the best!

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