Evidence-Based Practice Skills Module: Nutrition, Feeding, & Eating


  1. Choose one of the main topics from the table and then choose one (1) article for review under that main topic.

Read the article chosen and answer one (1) of the topic questions listed below.

  • What methods can be used to identify those at risk for malnutrition? USE THIS ARTICLE


Create a 2-3 page summary which supports the topic question. Provide a current research article (less than 5 years). The 2-3 page limit does not include title and reference pages.

Main Topic: Identifying those at risk for malnutrition.

Articles for review:

  • Isenring, E., Banks, M., Ferguson, M., & Bauer, J. (2012). Beyond malnutrition screening: Appropriate methods to guide nutrition care for aged care residents. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 112(3), 376-381. doi: 10.1016/j.jada.2011.09.038.
  • Tsai, A., Chang, T., Wang, Y., & Liao, C. (2010). Population-specific short-form mini nutritional assessment with body mass index or calf circumference can predict risk of malnutrition in community-living or institutionalized elderly people in taiwan. Journal American Dietetic Association, 110(9), 1328-1334. doi: 10.1016/j.jada.2010.06.003. PMID: 20800124.
  •  Platek, M. E., Popp, J. V., Possinger, C. S., Denysschen, C. A., Horvath, P., & Brown, J. K. (2011). Comparison of the prevalence of malnutrition diagnosis in head and neck, gastrointestinal, and lung cancer patients by 3 classification methods. Cancer Nursing, 34(5), 410–416. https://doi.org/10.1097/NCC.0b013e318206b013.
  1. The Summary must include the following headings (see rubric for criteria under each heading):
    1. Introduction and Key Points (10 Points)
      1. Choose one of the assigned topics and identifies one of the questions
      1. Defines the topic and question
      1. States why it is a problem
      1. Information presented in logical sequence
    1. Article Search (25 Points) *( Chamberlain library , using the data base short cut of pubmed. i searched “malnutrition in cancer patients” and which populated a result of 5602 articles . I narrowed my search to the years of 2017-2022  and received 2483 results. finally i searched “malnutrition risk in cancer patients” which gave me a result of 2357 articles. I selected this article because it matched my research question the most accurately  in relation to my selected topic and questions).
      1. Current (less than 5 years) and credible resource
      1. Database search – terms and methods used
      1. Number of articles located
      1. Source outside of ATI module used
    1. Article Findings (25 Points)
      1. How it addresses the topic
      1. Type of research conducted
      1. Findings of research
      1. Why this article was chosen
    1. Evidence for Practice (25 Points)
      1. Summary of evidence
      1. How it will improve practice
      1. How this evidence will decrease a gap to practice
      1. Any concerns or weaknesses located in the evidence
    1. Sharing of Evidence (25 Points)
      1. Who would you share the information with?
      1. How would you share this information?
      1. What resources would you need to accomplish this sharing of evidence?
      1. Why would it be important to share this evidence with the nursing profession?
    1. Conclusion (20 Points)
      1. Summarizes the theme of the paper
      1. Information presented in logical sequence
      1. All key points addressed
      1. Conclusion shows depth of understanding of topic
    1. APA Style (10 Points)
      1. APA style used properly for citations
      1. APA style used properly for references
      1. APA style used properly for quotations
      1. All references are cited, and all citations have references

*NOTE: Must adhere to current APA guidelines and formatting.

  • Writing Mechanics (10 Points)
    • No spelling errors
    • No grammatical errors, including verb tense and word usage
    • No writing errors, including sentence structure, and formatting
    • Must be all original work
  • Your instructor will provide guidance on the best way to submit this assignment.

For writing assistance (APA, formatting, or grammar), visit the APA Citation and Writing page in the online library.

Please note that your instructor may provide you with additional assessments in any form to determine that you fully understand the concepts learned in the review module.

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