Evaluating Research


  1. Differentiate between nonexperimental and experimental research.
  2. Apply a variety of sampling techniques.

Topic 4 DQ 1

Assessment Description

Pop psychology tests are a common form of entertainment online. Find a personality or relationship quiz (try the relationship tests on www.marsvenus.com or any personality tests through pop culture websites).

These pop psychology tests are not considered scholarly and are not peer-reviewed.

Choose one of these pop psychology tests and explain what adjustments you would make to create reliability and validity. How you would test its reliability and validity as is, and how does a scholarly test that stands to test-retesting compare?

You might frame your comparison in this form: “If this pop psychology scale were valid, it would be expected that it correlated with . . .” or “If this scale were reliable, it would be expected…”

Topic 4 DQ 2

Assessment Description

During a recent U.S. election, the news media interviewed a group of women in your state. Although opinion polls strongly supported Party A’s candidate, these women were still optimistic that their own side – Party B – would win. One woman said, “I don’t think those polls are very good—after all, they’ve never called me. Have they called any of you ladies?” Is this woman’s critique of polling techniques appropriate? Why or why not?

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