Essay Prompt #2: Higher Education Social Justice, History, and Law

This one question includes several parts. All must be answered. Remember, all responses should include responses to the question prompts woven into the narrative, be logically organized, well written, and documented with academic research support. Please be certain that your response for this question addresses fully all the items listed above.

Discuss your philosophy on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Which justice-based theories support your beliefs?
  • Provide examples from history and law, particularly within higher education, to further inform your philosophy.

Exam responses are typically 3-5 type-written, double-spaced pages. The essay should begin with identification of the question being answered and end with a concise conclusion. A reference page, reflecting all sources cited, should be included. The essay response should be written in 12 point font with 1-inch wide margins. No cover page is necessary.

*For the purpose of the writing of this narrative essay, it should be noted that I am a Black man, and the social justice perspective should be from either a Black person point of view or a neutral point of view.*

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