Entrepreneurship in the United States

This security report does not contain actual or real intelligence gathered about this country and is intended only for academic purposes within this course.

Source Type: Confidential Human Source (CHS)

CHS code name “Deep Ditch” is a recent immigrant from Panama who works in the banking industry. Deep Ditch has numerous contacts inside of the three largest banks in Panama. Deep Ditch has reported a large increase in foreign accounts. These accounts have been from countries in competition with the United States and have been used to purchase large parcels of real estate, including golf courses, hotels, and marinas. Many of these properties are located near government facilities, and one of the hotels that was purchased is frequented by foreign dignitaries, including members of the United States government.

Deep Ditch also reported that there has been a large reduction in Panamanian hard currency deposited into the banks. In the last three years, cash deposits have fallen 230%. During the same time period, the valuation of the Panamanian dollar, or balboa, has decreased by 4% as compared to the U.S. dollar.
Deep Ditch also reports that most younger Panamanians are using phone applications instead of cash, and there has been a trend for many Panamanians to use cryptocurrency. Deep Ditch’s colleagues are very concerned, since this has led to a reduction in profitability for many Panamanian banks.

Finally, Deep Ditch reported that his relatives that still reside in Panama have been seeing a large number of Venezuelans coming into Panama. Most of these individuals appear to have little or no means to support themselves. This has created a crime problem in some of the larger cities in Panama. Deep Ditch’s family has indicated that most of these Venezuelans do not stay for very long and appear to be moving from city to city and heading north. Deep Ditch said that one of his family members spoke to a Venezuelan family, and they stated there was no work and very little food in Venezuela and many people are leaving, or will be leaving, to find a better life.

Source Type: Open Source

The Panamanian Journal reported that there is an upcoming economic meeting between Panamanian government officials and a Chinese company called China Tella regarding the management of all cellular communications in Panama. The article stated that in exchange for the exclusive rights to manage the Panamanian cellular network, China Tella would give the Panamanian government one billion dollars and free China Tella-made telephones for all government officials, government workers, firefighters, police, and military.

The Panamanian Journal reported on a bank robbery at the Bank of Panama City. Four armed gunmen entered the Bank of Panama in a brazen daytime robbery. Witnesses stated that the bank robbers were heavily armed with military rifles, bulletproof vests, and masks. As the robbers exited the bank, there was a brief exchange of gunfire with bank security officers. There were no reported injuries and the bank robbers escaped. One of the security officers claimed to have shot a bank robber multiple times, but this did not prevent his escape.

Panamanian local television FETV Channel 5 reported on growing tensions between Panamanian and Costa Rican soccer fans. The World Cup is under way, and with the two countries set to play each other in a crucial match after which the loser will be eliminated, fans have become disruptive and sometimes violent. The television station reported that there were many outbreaks of violence with several
individuals having to be hospitalized. Individuals who were interviewed stated that they would “take to the streets and burn down the city” if Panama loses the upcoming match.

Source Type: Social Media/Data Mining

Intelligence analysts and data mining experts for the U.S. government were able to search various social media sites and government websites.

The primary social media site for the Panama Shops, located on the Panama Canal, announced that the shops will be under new management. The Russian-owned KGBB Consultants, Inc. will now be managing all the shops and restaurants. In their promotional material, Panama Shops claims to be the only area in town where you can eat, shop, and sleep while watching ships from all over the world pass through the Panama Canal. The Panama Shops has 7 restaurants, 24 shops, and a hotel, all of which overlook various parts of the Panama Canal.

The primary government website for the Panamanian Department of Commerce has announced an agreement with the Costa Rican government to share communication system information. The state went on to report that the Panamanian government would also act as an intermediary between China Tella and the Costa Rican government in an effort to provide Costa Rica with a low-cost telecommunications network (as China Tella did for Panama). The website also stated that Panama would receive a 10% referral fee from China Tella.

Intel analysts have discovered a growing social media call to action to stop illegal immigration into Panama. Various accounts are calling for a march to stop traffic in and out of Panama City during rush hour in an effort to force the Panamanian government to recognize the damage illegal immigration is doing to the country. To further complicate the matter, there is another group on social media that is calling for a protest to support immigrants that are being mistreated. Some social media users are stating they will do whatever is necessary to have their message heard.

Source Type: Operational Specialist Embedded in Panama (OS)

Operational Specialist (OS) has been in Panama for two years and works out of the U.S. embassy. OS has working relationships with a number of Panamanian government officials and military officers. He maintains a residence in Panama City and has a network of local residents who will report information.

The U.S. military provides Panama with military weapons and training. During a meeting with military representatives, OS discovered that some U.S. military weapons have gone missing. This includes a newly developed body armor that is lightweight and can stop a rifle round. In addition, a number of high-powered military-grade rifles have also been reported missing. The Panamanian military is conducting an investigation; however, there are no leads on the whereabouts of the weapons.

During a routine meeting with local Panama City officials, a staff member asked OS for a donation to the mayor’s reelection campaign. The staffer went on to say that the mayor is very supportive of the United

States’s investments in the area and wants to continue to have a positive working relationship with the United States. The staffer also told OS that if the mayor did not receive American support, he could probably find it elsewhere. The staffer stated that a cash donation would be acceptable. The same staffer was later seen with a Russian foreign official; however, OS did not hear their conversation.

OS was a local restaurant when he witnessed a number of citizens growing very angry at the fact that the Panamanian soccer team was losing its match. As the match progressed, it became apparent that the Panamanian team was going to lose and the crowd became even more angry and agitated. The owner of the restaurant asked some of the most vocal patrons to calm down or they would have to leave. Their response was to become even more vocal, and then violent, with one punching the owner in the face. Police were called, and one of the officers was stabbed. OS managed to barely escape the violence, and was asked to be interviewed by the police.

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