Elements of Drama

A. neoclassicism
B. romanticism
C. realism
D. naturalism
E. expressionism
F. modified realism
G. absurdism
H. eclecticism

Question 1
Pick any two of the above artistic movements and compare and contrast them, pointing out their fundamental differences in theory as well as theatre practices. (10pts)

Question 2
Pick one of the above movements and describe from an audience view point what type of things you would be exposed to at a theatrical production classified under that term. FOLLOW THE SIX ELEMENTS OF DRAMA (10pts)

Question 3
You are working on a new production of The Three Little Pigs; you are looking for a new concept and way to tell the story. Describe to me the details of the production in descriptive narrative form (not the story line); FOLLOW THE SIX ELEMENTS OF DRAMA, for each of the following ism. (30 pts)




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