Effects of Cyber Bulling

Switching gears now from brainstorming, the name of the game by the end of this unit is to narrow down the scope of your project. Some students want to research everything there is about post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), for example, and prove how they can eradicate symptoms for everyone suffering this condition. This sounds like a noble goal, right?
• Are they researching the historical treatment of this condition? How far back in time?

• Who are all of the prior researchers associated with PTSD; what study did they conduct, and did they have successful outcomes in every case?
• Is the focus military specific, or are we evaluating trauma stemming from other sources?

• Are particular age ranges or ethnicities part of the research?

• How is PTSD currently defined, and is this correct? Who makes that choice?

• What are all the symptoms, and how can we prove they are not caused by another condition?
• What is the final outcome of gathering this information? Are the findings applicable to everyone or a particular subset of PTSD sufferers?

The above example is not meant to scare you but, rather, to illustrate how broad one single diagnosis within the field can be. If you find yourself writing “Fix PTSD” or “Describe how eyes work” on the following pages then be aware that further refining is needed.
How does media violence affect the behavior of children?

How does the advertisement of violent video games affect children?

What role can parents play in reducing the impact of violent media on children?

What role do social media and the internet play in the over-exposure of children to violence? How do family background and upbringing influence the development of bullying tendencies? Is cyberbullying as harmful as offline bullying?
Why do children bully?

How does race influence gender stereotypes?

Gender stereotypes in parenting and how they influence career choices among adolescents? What are the differences in gender stereotypes differ between western and eastern cultures?

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