Education Practicum Project

Provide an update on your Education Practicum Project.

Explain how you have an understanding of the PICOT, the learning strategy and the paper written so far.

Start with a restatement of your PICOT question.
Describe your progress thus far.
Describe your plans for the next several weeks. How you meet the outcomes of the course

Course outcomes
CO 1: Provide high-quality, safe, patient-centered care grounded in holistic health (holistic health and patient-centered care).

CO 2: Create a caring environment for achieving quality health outcomes (care focused).

CO 3: Engage in lifelong personal and professional growth through reflective practice and appreciation of cultural diversity (cultural humility).

CO 4: Integrate professional values through scholarship and service in healthcare (professional identity).

CO 5: Advocate for positive health outcomes through compassionate, evidence-based, collaborative advanced nursing practice (extraordinary nursing).

PICOT Question For nurses in an adult inpatient telemetry unit, will case-based learning on the fall prevention bundle compared to the current fall prevention process reduce falls within three months period?

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