Disseminating the DNP Project

Dear Writer,
Please write the paper addressing three questions below.
Please use 3 separate scholarly resources within 5 years to support the paper.
The purpose of this assignment is to examine opportunities to disseminate your DNP project outside the practicum site.

  1. Identify at least one venue or source that would be an appropriate choice for the dissemination of your DNP project outside the practicum site. This could be a scholarly journal, a professional conference, an online nursing forum, etc.
  2. Evaluate how the selected venue or source would align with your proposed DNP practice change project.
    Note from previous paper

Our PICOT –“In adult patients with major depression, does the addition of walking or other aerobic exercises improve depression symptoms compared to usual care in 8 weeks?” A reduction in depressive symptoms and a decrease in the scores obtained in the PHQ-9 at the end of the intervention will demonstrate that walking is an effective alternative to recommended treatments for depression in my setting ( out patient psychiatric clinic).

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