Discussion Six: Characteristics of Critical Thinkers

Many characteristics will help a person become a better decision maker through critical thinking.  Some of these characteristics are:

  1. Outcome driven
  2. Open to new ideas
  3. Creative and innovative
  4. Analytical
  5. Communicator
  6. Risk taker
  7. Assertive and persistent
  8. Knowledgeable and resourceful
  9. Observant and intuitive
  10. Collaborator

For this discussion, please select five of the characteristics listed, and explain your reasoning as to why they are necessary for critical thinkers.  In addition, describe a scenario where you used any of these characteristics to overcome a problem.  


No Direct Quotes, No Bullets, No Abbreviations, and No Contractions allowed . . . your full interpretation of the content and in an academic sentence/paragraph format (i.e., at least 5 sentences per paragraph).  Your response should address each of the questions presented. 

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