Direct Care Experience Practicum: Executive Summary

Purpose:  The direct care practicum experience is a specific 48-hour practicum experience that focuses on gaining an advanced nursing knowledge and skills in a direct care experience with patients. The purpose of the direct care experience is for the student to develop mastery of advanced patient care delivery skills, as well as system assessment and intervention skills.

Students will utilize Direct Care knowledge and theory to deepen and expand skills in a nursing area of choice.  The chosen practicum site will encompass the student’s Direct Care nursing preference, which can be in a traditional hospital or community setting or a nontraditional community setting pending approval via the practicum coordinator contract process. A mentor at the practice setting is required.  This practicum occurs as part of the course requirements for NR 622:  Concluding Graduate Experience II.  The executive summary details the Direct Care Practicum individual learning experience.

Examples of the Direct Care activities/experiences include:

  • Individual, Family, Population Assessments
  • Individual, Family, Population Care Planning
  • Discharge Planning
  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • Leading Group Therapy
  • Direct Care activities at the advanced level

Course Outcomes:

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to do the following.

CO #5:  Assume the role of nurse educator and leader, through compassionate, evidence-based, collaborative advanced nursing practice. (PO 5)

CO #6: Demonstrate advanced nursing care through application of the nursing process in a direct care clinical setting.   (PO 1, 2, 5)

Due Date:  Sunday, 11:59pm MT week 7

  • Executive Summary

Total Points Possible: 200

Requirements for the direct care experience practicum:

Executive Summary


1. Executive Summary

  • The executive summary will include the following sections:
  • Title page
    • Introduction to the Direct Care Experience setting, population/vulnerable population, and activities that deepen and expand knowledge and skills in a specific area of direct patient care.
      • Provide an example of a patient that you assessed.
    • APIE (Assessment, Plan, Implementation, and Evaluation) of chosen Direct Care patient/population.
      • Assessment of needs
      • Plan – goals
        • prioritization
      • Implementation – interventions
      • Evaluation – evaluation of the interventions  
    • Interprofessional Collaboration used in the Direct Care Practicum Experience.
    • Self-Reflection
    • Conclusion
    • Reference Page (Citations optional – include reference page if citations used).

Criteria for Content

1. Introduction to Direct Care Experience

            a. Description of setting, population/vulnerable population, and Direct Care activities.

            b. Provide an example of a patient that you assessed.

2. APIE (Assessment, Plan, Implementation, Evaluation)

            a. Describe APIE of the patient and/or population.

            b. Explain how you assessed the need of the patient and/or population

            c. State a minimum of three short-term goals.  Phrase the short-term goals according to the

                SMART criteria: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Prioritize the plan

                of action.

            d. Describe the interventions that were implemented.

                Provide details regarding the implementation process such as materials and

                patient/population responses.

            e. Describe the evaluation of the interventions.

3. Interprofessional Collaboration

a. Describe the interprofessional collaboration that took place during the Direct Care


  • Include titles of individuals, their positions, departments,
    • Include reasons for the collaboration and
    • Include plans and/or solutions that resulted from the collaboration.
    • Provide details regarding any conflicts and resolutions.

4. Self-Reflection

a. Provide a self-reflection of your Direct Care Practicum Experience.

  • Describe what went well
    • Describe the challenges
    • Identify the new learning and insights, which assisted

                                    to deepen and expand knowledge of the direct care patient experience.

5.  Conclusion

a. Provide a detailed conclusion for the executive summary. 

Preparing the Assignment

Criteria for Format and Special Instructions

  1. The executive summary is a written paper with a title page and reference page if needed.  Due to the individualized nature of the direct care practicum experience, there is no length requirements. 
  2. Title page, body of paper, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the current edition of the manual. This includes the use of headings for each section of the paper except for the introduction where no heading is used.
  3. Ideas and information from scholarly, peer reviewed, nursing sources are cited and referenced correctly according to the current edition of the APA Manual.
  4. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal, scientific writing.

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