Developmental Models of Freud and Erikson Theories

Write a (3–5) three- to five-page paper (excluding APA title page and reference pages) comparing Freud, Mahler, Adler, and Erikson. Compare and contrast the developmental models of Freud and Erikson, and then compare and contrast the developmental theories of Adler and Mahler. Are there any similarities between all of them? Be sure to also address the following:
• Compare and Contrast Freud & Erikson.
• Compare and Contrast Adler & Mahler.
Similarities of all listed above
There should be:
• A brief description of each theory. Which perspective appeals to you more, and why?
• What are some ways the Adlerian approach can be applied to group counseling? What are some advantages of using a group format with this approach?
• What concepts from these psychoanalytic approaches do you see as being potentially useful in your work as a nurse psychotherapist? Describe why.
• Why should the nurse psychotherapist understand developmental theories for application in clinical practice?
You should cite a minimum of three APA references.

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