Developing Leadership and Management


On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate the definition, roles and responsibilities of Leadership and Management in modern contexts
  2. Assess alternative theoretical approaches to leadership and management and their relevance within contemporary organisations.
  3. Discuss different methods of leadership and management development and how to implement and evaluate interventions effectively


Mode:                                                 Coursework 100%

The module is assessed by 100% coursework. The coursework consists of one (1) report, based on the question detailed below:

Coursework 1                    100%

End of Module Assessment: Individual written REPORT (3300 – 3700 words)

Learning Outcomes to be assessed: 1, 2 and 3

Part 1:            (Learning Outcomes 1 and 2)

  • “Managers and Leaders are the same people utilising different skills in different circumstances”.  Using a robust range of academic sources, critically examine whether there is merit in this statement or whether are in fact undertaken by different people with different skills with a clear mandate to achieve specified outcomes.

Part 2:            (Learning Outcome 3)

  • Present an academic rationale that outlines the purpose and value of leadership and management development in the workplace.  Do not simply describe what these aspects of development are, but importantly you must critically highlight their relative value to the organisation (how does this type of development help the individual become better at their job and how does that help the organisation).
  • In Part 1, critically determine whether the concepts of leadership and management lead to a position of recognising different people with different skills or the same people with a range of different skill sets.
  • Evaluate the purpose and value of the two concepts in a business context and whether they are or can be undertaken by the same person or they are in relative terms undertaken by different people. 
  • Provide examples from academic research to show where it might evidence individuals using both skills or where there are clear lines between the two concepts in the way they are carried out in an organisation.
  • Evaluate those two concepts against each other, not as separate issues.
  • Do not:
    • simply construct a series of advantages or disadvantages in addressing this question. 
    • simply provide a list of what a leader does and what a manager does (that is not the purpose of the question).
  • In Part 2, provide a robust academic rationale for why leadership and management development is a necessary aspect of helping the organisation move forward. 
  • Elaborate on why leaders and managers need to be continually developed and how from both the individual and the organisation perspective they benefit from it.

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