Developing an Action Plan Assignment


Develop an Action Plan for Addressing the Problem (Intervention). The analysis of an organizational problem is only part of the problem-solving process. Once a problem is identified, an action plan is necessary for successfully addressing the problem. Action plans require more than just some suggestions or ideas. An action plan should include pertinent information such as who, what, when, and where.


  • Create a multi-dimensional action plan of intervention.
    • What can—or should—you do structurally to address this problem?
    • What can—or should—you do systemically to address this problem?
    • What can—or should—you do culturally to address this problem?
    • What can—or should—you do relating to the political lens (power and influence) to address this problem?
  • Your action plan of intervention should be balanced according to the “weight” given to the various theories regarding how each theory impacts the issue.
  • Guidelines for this assignment include:
    • Body of work is to be 3–5 pages
    • Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font
    • Title page
    • Headings should be used for each area of the action plan
    • No references are required but if any are used, a references page is to be included
    • Current APA format (avoid first-person language)

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