Developing a Marketing Plan and Budget

Objectives: Develop a marketing plan & budgets developed to maximize limited resources

For your term project, you will be developing a marketing plan for a selected business type and within the segment of the hospitality industry that is most relevant or interesting for you. The marketing plan can be developed as a presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint [or similar that is accessible] or it can be developed as a written report using Microsoft Word [or similar that is accessible]. You may use an existing business or organization but you may not use an existing marketing campaign. The marketing plan will need to be your original work; however, you can cite outcomes and tactics of an existing marketing strategy/campaign if you have access to that information and will not violate any company agreements regarding nondisclosure or proprietary data.

**[If published on the open web without necessitating a company log-in, you can use the information. If buried behind security protocols, you likely cannot use the information.]**

The marketing plan should address, at a minimum, the following elements:

[section headings can be implied from this list, but this list should not be used verbatim as your outline]

  • company name, description, profile, mission, goals
  • target market demographics and profile-Military, former military, DOD employees, and their families.CF
  • SWOT analysis
  • marketing goals and objectives
  • marketing mix and tactics
  • implementation
  • limitations and parameters, including budget and resource allocation
  • controls [management]
  • contingencies with resolutions

There is no predetermined minimum or maximum length, but you will be expected to sufficiently review any aspect you present without use of “fluff”. Your analysis and claims made should be supported by research that provides validation, corroboration, or contrast for what you are presenting. Do not rely on assumptions and find a supporting reference even if you know something to be true for any claim you make.

The final plan will be posted in the forum for classmate review in week seven and will be submitted as an attachment here for assessment and grading.

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