Proposal for Designing and Developing an Integrated IS Strategy for QQTV

At public TV station, QQTV, the Membership Department currently keeps donation information on database which runs on their local area network. QQTV would like to pursue more direct marketing and World Wide Web applications.

At QQTV there are two kinds of donors: individual and corporate. Cash donations are made by both. Corporations also make “in-kind” donations, i.e., donations of non-cash items such as food, office supplies, advertising space, etc. The following information is kept on in-kind donations: the item, quantity, and cash value. In-kind donations are not accepted from individuals.

Individuals who donate a total of $50 or more a year are considered members and receive a monthly magazine and discount coupons from local merchants. Individual who donate less than $50 and corporations do not receive these items. Individuals and corporate members receive annual renewal notification one month in advance of their membership expiration. Additional donations and new members are sought during quarterly, week long on-air fund drives. Some corporations provide “matching gift” programs where employee contributions to QQTV are matched by the corporation. Finally, QQTV seeks donations through estate planning and bequests.

The computing environment at QQTV consists of a local area network of PCs running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Users of the system will be the full-time staff of QQTV and volunteers. The typical full-time staff member has a background in broadcast communications and basic facility with the Microsoft Office Suite and Internet applications. During pledge drives, volunteers will be performing data entry tasks. These volunteers possess a wide range of computer skills and have all chosen “data entry” as their task for the fund drive.

The objective of this assignment is to:

  • Develop a business plan for introducing an integrated IS (Internet/Electronic commerce) strategy to QQTV

You should develop an integrated IS (Internet/E-commerce) strategy for a first phase of Internet business presence at QQTV. This will include explaining what Internet capabilities should be used, technical requirements (hardware, software, and other equipment) and how this new technology would be integrated into the business.

Your report should include:

  • Summary of the current business processes
  • Business objectives of your Internet strategy
  • Projected benefits by assessing the effectiveness and evaluating the risks of the strategy, analyzing and providing rationale for supporting the strategic direction of the organizations.
  • Technical requirements (hardware, software, and other equipment) to support the integrated IS strategy
  • What resources (personnel, equipment, etc.) will be needed to implement your strategy
  • How will you launch and sustain your integrated (Internet / E-commerce) strategy
  • Description and purpose of the web site you developed.

Your report should be well-organized and targeted to an executive who has basic familiarity with the use of a personal computer and the Internet. It is recommended that your report be structured in sections (as outlined above). Demonstrate effective communication with diverse stakeholders, be clear and concise in your writing and provide sufficient justification to “sell” your idea. Assume that management will be reviewing a number of business opportunities but can only choose one.

Note: If your Internet/E-commerce strategy calls for the use of an on-line payment system, you can discuss the on-line payment system options and on your web-site create an icon that would provide a link to a payment system.


The Quality and Efficiency of the Integrated Information System Strategy via the Internet / E-commerce Business Plan
Clear statement of current business processes, justification of strategic and operational goals and changes with the new integrated IS (Internet / E-commerce) strategy.
Technical explanation of e-commerce and web concepts as applied to the QQTV business processes; analyzing, planning and allocating resources (financial, technical, human) to support the new integrated strategy.
Depth of analysis – how the new integrated IS strategy (Internet / E-commerce technology) is applied to and impacts the business processes internally and externally; how the strategy support the strategic direction of the QQTV and marketing trends in the media segment.

Assignment Section – 4 Pages: E-commerce Web Site Graphic Visual Layout (Not real website)

Use the format of your choice to create a visual or graphic layout for your Proposal that you are working on (4 pages graphic layout only, not a real Web site).

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