Delivery Problems

No business is without problems. Joe comes to you given your experience in an Intro to Finance class to become educated on his production supply.

Joe ships out his inventory of products with a third party trucking company. He chose early on that he does not want to maintain inventory of trucks, insurance, registration and salary of drivers. Therefore, he hires a company to ship the Designer Drain covers to the customer. He has hires the Teammates Union which has an established route of transporting items all over the country and has numerous size trucks and drivers available all day and night. Joe signed a contract with the Teammates Union to employ their drivers and compensate them accordingly. As stated earlier, Joe is a proud American and Unions have history in America The Teammates Union has a contract, which determines their rate and the compensation including benefits for their drivers. These contracts are negotiated with the Union.
Unfortunately, the Teammates have been very unhappy with their recent contract. They threaten to strike and not work . Joe could hire individual drivers but the Teammates will not be happy with that and might sue Joe or worse.
Investigate the history of Unions in America and show the data about the change in Union membership over the last 50 years in industry. Investigate the trucking industry and report what percentage of trucking transportation is currently unionized. What are some other options for Joe to transport his Designer Drains?

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